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About Company

We are the Pest Control division of well-known and one of the best BR Cleaning Solutions.

Our courteous and professional staff, certified exterminators, trappers and technicians are chemically conscious, making your safety and pest elimination our #1 priority. There is no pest problem too big or too small to securely eliminate when we have our well-experienced and trained team members with us. We protect both your homes and businesses (like warehouses, factories, grocery stores etc) from pests with the help of our Digital equipment and Scientific knowledge.

We try to find the best possible solutions to our customer’s needs. You can see us as a leading comprehensive pest management solution provider with service flexibility per the customer’s requirement. Byebugs offers a wide range of environmentally friendly and customized pest management solutions as per the guidelines of concerned authorities and organizations. We provide services to various businesses as well as homes which include pest prevention by use of proofing materials, monitoring by innovative tools that rely on technology and pest treatment with highly effective pesticides and other solutions.

Our execution of work is ensuring the Zero tolerance Policy regarding all the required compliances of international food safety & quality standards. Pest control services range from Bedbugs elimination to rodent control with promising solutions to all pest control problems. The company’s goal is to provide pest control with minimum impact on the environment. As one of the best independent Pest Control companies, Byebugs provides professionals trained to employ innovative and eco-friendly methodology in all aspects of pest control.

Vision and Mission


Our mission is to provide the best quality trained personnel who will respect your home or business. We promise to always conduct ourselves ethically and to respond to our customer’s requirements.


Our vision is to provide peace of mind to people by protecting and preserving health and property through advanced professional pest control services.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Quality Assured

We are certified for quality parameters.


We are licensed for pest control services.

Trained Workers

We have more than 50 experienced workers

Time Availability

We are available from 9 am to 8 pm all days.

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Just drop us a message we will get you back.

Services Warranty

Assured 100% results or free services.