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Bed Bug Control Treatment

Bed bugs are a substantial problem in India and around the world. Bed bugs are insects that forage on blood. Their bites can affect several health impacts counting skin rashes, and psychological, and allergic symptoms. Bed bug bites may lead to skin changes extending from protruding blisters to subsided symptoms. Bed Bugs feed only on blood and must have consistent blood meals to live and grow.
Humans are not the only goal; they also attack many other warm-blooded animals including birds and pets. Found in practically every place they tend to breed in bedding and well-matched spaces, including residences, hotels, schools, offices, retail stores and even public transport. Bed bug outburst is enormously difficult to control and needs professional support. ByeBugs pest control treatment is precisely planned to kill only the pests and never damage your furniture.
Let’s look in detail at bed bugs!
Bedbugs have 5 nymphal stages that require at least one blood meal before moulting to the next stage. The bedbug life-cycle from egg to adult lasts for four months, predisposed to temperature and availability of blood, which is their nourishment. Bed bugs grow quicker with the rise in temperatures. Bed bugs can live for 20 to 400 days deprived of food, depending on temperature and moistness.
The reproductives comprise the king, queen, and alates, of which the termite queen is essential to a colony’s development and is the major member, whereas the king is small comparatively. Alates, swarmer’s, have long, dark brown to virtually black bodies and translucent, somewhat milky-coloured wings. Their bodies have wings, they may have a few scarcely visible hairs. Dissimilar to swarmers, workers and soldiers do not have wings. Workers are about cream-coloured. They have small jaws to chew away at wood and move materials. Soldiers have large mouthpieces, quadrilateral heads, and flat and wide bodies.
Signs of Bed Bugs
The following mentioned signs assist you to find bedbug infestation
  • Bed bug faecal material leaves pigments on fabric
  • Bed bugs shed skin in moulting with a build-up of skins of many bedbugs
  • Blood stains from crushed bed bugs having blood inside them
  • Bedbugs are more likely to harbour more in or on supplies made of wood, paper, or fabric and less in those constituents made of metal or plastic. Common hiding places are located within six or fewer feet from where humans sleep or rest.
  • Places where you can see bedbugs comprise mattress seams and tufts, wood joints of box springs beneath covers, joints of bed frames, behind headboards, under loose wallpaper, behind picture frames, and inside furniture.

Professional bedbugs’ control by ByeBugs

Buybugs specializes in proficient bed bug removal. We will provide you with a bed bug extermination price that is reasonable and work with you to ensure your bed bugs never become a problem again. Our well-trained team methodically inspects your property for bed bug control treatment. We crush and remove bed bug eggs on the spot. We treat every likely bed bug hiding dwelling to exploit the chance of eradicating bed bugs from your home through our bed bug control services.
We cautiously spray chemical pesticides on all items near a bed bug infestation, counting baseboards, floor and wall junctions, under carpets, behind electrical outlets and switches, cracks in the walls and floors, wall-mounted items, and structural voids. You can either opt for single bed bug control treatment or a yearly bed bug maintenance contract for extended relief from bed bugs. For your peace of mind, bed bug treatment warranty and follow-up visits safeguard we have completely resolved your bed bug problem.

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