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Lizards are scampering, darting, and cold-blooded reptiles. Yes, lizards carry harmful bacteria like salmonella. Lizards are the most common Reptile family that live in dingy places whether residential or commercial property. Lizards are frequently found in Gardens, Homes, ponds, buildings, outside buildings walls, trees etc. They are harmful to humans rather all creatures are somehow dangerous to human beings. Lizard is one of them. They don’t bite but they secrete toxic secretions out of their body that can be serious in numerous ways.
If a lizard falls into any food item, the probabilities are that it will turn out to be poisonous; it is directed to avoid such food items that get infected. These toxic foods are extremely dangerous. Not all but some lizards have been found to be dangerous because of the presence of salmonella bacterium. This is spread via their urine and can cause serious illness. The symptoms are severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever and vomiting. This infection can be just as fatal for those with deteriorated immune systems, like children or elders in the family compared to those who are healthy.

Professional lizard control by ByeBugs

For the provision of the Lizard Control Services, we have a team of expert pest professionals who adopts specific methods for getting rid of the lizards without causing any damage to the materials around them and affecting human beings. We adopt the latest methods for our lizard control services by stringently following our accountability towards preserving the ecological balance. The best way to get rid of lizards is simply to make your home and its environments inhospitable to them.
We have proficiency in providing lizard control treatment in homes and industrial properties. The Lizard control procedures comprise of using a special formulation having contact action, which afterward proves fatal. The treatment needs to be carried out in the late hours when lizards become active and come out of their dens in search of moths.
Some of the target places for lizard control treatment are cracks and crevices in the building structure, cavities in the brickwork, dark and damp places around flower pots, the electrical ducts etc. Our qualified technicians use chemical spray to target the live lizard. This chemical treatment is used at their hideouts to flush them out of the premises and kill them. Some mechanical methods are also used in the process when thought mandatory.

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