Deployment and Execution

Deployment and Execution – Step Process

We as pest management aim to decrease the economic damage caused by pests and to limit their presence or eliminate them. To reach this objective, a series of measures and efficient planning must be carried out by a specialized service by us and be approved by the client. All the professionals in pest control must have certifications and accreditations to conduct their service. There are different types of certifications depending on the type of pests to control. It is the same for in-house pest control, the personnel should be trained to use the products and procedures.

Assessment of the site, risk assessment and pest identification

We gather information about the work site there, such as the nature of the work/business, size of the facility, in-house pest control procedures, previous intervention records, site’s map, etc. Once all information is gathered and studied, our pest control technician inspects the site to check the possible infestation’s location, the pest’s activity or presence, the surrounding environment, the infested locations’ accessibility and most importantly the identification of pests.

Pest management plan

Based on the assessment, the site’s inspection and pest identification, we can establish a plan. The plan includes the adopted strategy, the schedule and the frequency of the intervention. The plan should take into account the surrounding environment and in-house control to monitor any possible changes or any other factors that may affect the pest management plan.

Waste management

After each pest control activity, the waste resultant from the intervention should be carefully managed. We dispose of the waste safely without causing any harm to the surrounding environment, the business operation of the worksite and premises.

The report, record keeping and recommendations
Each intervention is registered in the internal records with details like:
  • Name and address of the client
  • Date and time
  • Type of involvement: products used, methods of application and area
  • Clients’ recommendations and progress of any previous ones
This record should be kept in case of an audit or an inspection from the authorities, to prove that our pest control professional is in line with the regulations and directives.